Spring Forever Floral Wallpaper - Pink

A wallpaper that is a blast of the best time of the year. A floral wallpaper homage to when everything explodes with colour and scent and even though you’ve seen it all before, you are still and again stunned by its complexity, cleverness and beauty.

Spring Forever Wallpaper encapsulates the moment of Spring’s peak. As rhododendrons have such a short lived moment of full bloom glory, we come to this wallpaper design.  A floral wallpaper that captures this spectacular moment to stay with you throughout the year. Spring Forever is based on vintage botanical copperplates, and yet it creates a modern and vibrant and gloriously whimsical interior setting. This wallpaper design will reinterpret any interior be it bathroom, bedroom, hallway to playroom, making it fresh, joyful, feminine and strong - all year long.

Repeat: V 52cm H 52cm



You can purchase samples directly from this website. These will be sent out within 2-3 days.

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Wallpaper is sold in rolls 10 meters long.

For UK and USA purchases, rolls are 52cm wide.   For EU purchases, rolls are 48.7cm wide.


Our wallpaper is "paste the wall" product - no decorating table necessary. For detailed hanging instructions click here.


We print to order.  All wallpaper orders are sent out within 2-3 weeks of payment from either our UK or EU factory, depending on where you are located.


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I am happy to colour match or tweak elements of a wallpaper design. Other finishes are also available for specific room needs. Just email me at milola@miloladesign.com to discuss.