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Costumes - a luxuriously bohemian wallpaper fusing the cultural diversity of the vast lands that were once part of Imperial Russia ruled by Catherine the Great many years ago. Catherine had an artist to travel around the whole of Russia to compile a reference of all the regional costumes of her vast lands to give her a better understanding of the different cultures and ethnicities it incorporated. Clever lady… and what a journey that must have been for the artist. This textile rich wallpaper is based on these drawings, depicting just a handful of the most beautiful and diverse folk costumes worn in the lands of Russia at that time. This wallpaper celebrates diversity and textile craftsmanship and comes with a big nod to the rich cultural history of Russia, that is now of course tainted by this ongoing unforgivable war.

Costumes Wallpaper is an elegantly folkloric wallpaper, creating a bohemian vibe with a lot of chic. This is such a great wallpaper for so many rooms. You will have an abundance of rich colours to work with in an interior design scheme to create a room that is both cosy, eclectic, full of charm and bursting with a story. From drawing rooms, to playrooms and cloakrooms, there is no end to the number of areas this wallpaper just sits well in. Ask for a sample and see for yourself!

Also available in Pea Green.

Please note that on the Cream the scale of the people is larger than on the Pea Green.

Repeat: V 52cm H 52cm



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