Our new Marbled Wallpaper Collection has just launched!

Our new Marbled Wallpaper Collection has just launched!

I've been so excited to introduce this collection to you and here it finally is! This is a  vibrant collection which has resulted from a trip I did to Venice over a year ago.

I was awestruck by the luminous colours of the mosaics, glasswork, and Renaissance masterpieces that adorned the city and I loved rediscovering the ancient art of marbled papers used for both book binding and as stand alone artwork. As a result I wanted to create a collection of marbled wallpaper designs that paid homage to the beautiful colours of Venice and through the marbled effect of the designs, also reflected the characteristics of the lagoon waters that weave their way through the city. This is a strong collection which has both delicate and bold designs.  

Rialto in Blue          


Aqua Vitae

Marbling originated in Japan around the 12th century and then developed in Turkey in the 15th century where another form of marbling was developed called Ebru or cloud art, which resulted in the most incredible flowing designs. During the 16th and 17th century marbling spread through Europe and was especially used for decorative bookbinding.       

Amore Chalk


Venezia Sea Green

Venezia Turquoise



Amore in Chalk Pink will lend a touch of magic to any child's bedroom, while the bold fusion of black and green in Rialto will add a contemporary yet eclectic charm to a space. This collection will be embraced within a luxurious design scheme, gracing rooms with a tapestry of depth, intricate detail, and distinctive character – whether it be a stately library, a cozy cloakroom, an indulgent bathroom, or the whimsy of a children's bedroom.

Would you like to see the full collection and receive samples? CLICK HERE to purchase your samples or open a TRADE account on our website for complimentary samples. 


Thank you so much for reading this! Next week I'll share with you my visit to the Victoria and Albert's Museum exhibition: Gabrielle Chanel: A Fashion Manifesto....what an inspiring exhibition rich in pattern, design and lashings of style.... See you then! Larissa Milola