Have a Seat Wallpaper Collection

Have a Seat Wallpaper Collection

I’ve always had a soft spot for chairs (and doors to be honest). What I love about antique chairs is how you receive a glimpse into a bygone era through their craftsmanship and artistry, when furniture was a work of art in its own right and not just there for its functionality. Then of course there is the simple fact that by shuffling chairs around in a room, they allow you to quickly change the feel of a interior - which I'm guilty of endlessly doing.

A wonderful Games Chair in the Hotel de la Marine in Paris 

On a visit to the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris I saw this wonderful display of chairs from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century which you see here below. This inspired me to want to create an eclectic wallpaper design with antique chairs as the main theme. Shortly after, I found a page from a 19th Century furniture catalogue in a museum archive, the likes of which would have been sent around for stately homes to choose their furniture from.  I wanted to use the basis of the hand drawn Regency Chairs and infusing them with a modern twist by producing a collection that has both a dark wallpaper such as the forest green version, and more whimsical and light colourways such as the celestial pale blue and the multicolour designs.

Musée des Arts Decoratifs

19th Century Chair Catalogue

I wanted a rainbow colour version of chairs inspired by this photo 

By using chairs as the main motif in Have a Seat, I hope to have captured the timeless elegance of antique furniture, which evoke the artistry put into even a simple household piece such as the chair. My aim was to have translated it as such that this wallpaper design sits comfortably in both a contemporary or classic interior - adding a layer of whimsical chic design to uplift any home interior.

I probably can't leave out that, with the arrival of the highly anticipated season three of “Bridgeton", and with it, a renewed fascination with the opulence and drama of the Regency period. Have a Seat, is the wonderful and elegant way to add some Bridgerton Aesthetic or Regencycore to your interior without feeling like you’ve stepped into a Costume Drama.

Use Have a Seat in and entrance to set the modern regency tone, or add it to a hallway, kitchen or even a bathroom to create a beautiful backdrop which pays homage to antique craftsmanship whilst being infused with a contemporary edge.