Coastal Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom with green and white coral coastal wallpaper by Milola Design

When it comes to decorating bathrooms, wallpaper can be one of the most impactful and transformative design choice you can make. 

If you’re looking to create a serene and tranquil bathroom interior, a coastal-themed wallpaper offers the perfect blend of modern elegance and relaxing luxury. Whether you have a coastal home or just want to bring a seaside vibe to your city apartment, a coastal bathroom wallpaper could transform your small space into your favourite room in the house!

Here’s some luxury coastal wallpaper ideas to help you incorporate a coastal beach house style into your bathroom.

 A luxury blue coastal bathroom with fish wallpaper

Coastal bathroom design by Kate Walker Designs featuring Going Swimmingly in Pale Blue.
Photography by Armelle Habib

When selecting coastal wallpaper for your bathroom, consider the following:

Bathrooms are high-moisture environments, so its important for it to be well ventilated and to use high quality wallpaper. There are good options out there with tiles and acrylic splash-backs to protect the wettest areas near a shower or above a sink. You can also ask if the wallpaper you have fallen in love with can be printed using a coating. At Milola Design we are happy to discuss the various options with you. 

Coastal Colour Palette

Opt for a colour palette that reminds you of the sea and shore. The best colours for a beach style bathroom are often soft blues, aquas, seafoam greens, sandy beiges, and whites. These pale hues not only reflect the coastal vibe but also make the bathroom feel more spacious and airy. Having said that, don't shy away from a pop of pink or adding a tropical colour which could add the whimsical chic style that you are looking for.

Coastal Patterns

Look for wallpaper patterns that incorporate seaside and coastal elements such as coral, seashells, fish, waves, and other nautical motifs. These designs can range from subtle and sophisticated patterns to bold and whimsical wallpaper designs, depending on your personal style.

Coastal bathroom designed by Kate Walker Designs featuring Argonaut in blue
Photography by Armelle Habib 


Popular Coastal Wallpaper Styles

Blue and White: Classic beach house decor! Pale blue and white wallpapers create an elegant, crisp and clean look. This style works well in both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Sea Life: Wallpapers featuring fish, seashells, lobsters and other marine life can add a playful touch to your bathroom interior, perfect for a family bathroom or kids bathroom.

Textured Effects: If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, consider wallpaper that mimics the colours, textures and elements found at the beach. These designs add depth and interest without overwhelming the space with pattern.

 A soft green marbled printed fabric with marbized swirls of yellow, dark blue and white. Suitable fabric for curtains, Blinds and sift furnishings

Venezia Marbled wallpaper in sea green


Bold & Bright Colours: Don't be afraid to break away from the classic pale blues and sandy tones. Beach houses are all about vibrancy and fun. 

Bright tropical colours to uplift and add a shot of dopamine to your decor. Bold wallpapers work especially well in small bathrooms like downstairs loo’s, powder rooms and cloakrooms. Here's some ideas to embrace a more tropical beach aesthetic with a splash of bold and bright coloured wallpaper patterns.

Patterns that Pop: A bold coastal wallpaper pattern in an unexpected colour such as hot pink or bright blue adds a touch of whimsy and fun. We love how this tiny bathroom has been transformed with our Lady Lobster wallpaper in pink.

A small bathroom decorated with pink lobster wallpaper by Milola Design

Small bathroom designed by IHF Interiors using Lady Lobster


If you’re looking for a more masculine coastal wallpaper then how about our Aquaman in Earl Grey.

Bathroom decorated with a lobster wallpaper design by Milola Design
Bathroom design by IHF Interiors using Aquaman lobster wallpaper 


Oceanic Azure: Embrace colours and depth of the sea with a bold blue hue. A deep azure or seemingly translucent turquoise or aqua creates a dramatic yet sophisticated atmosphere. Use with white wainscoting for a touch of coastal charm and balance the intensity.

A bathroom wall with panelling on the bottom half and a marbled blue wallpaper on top in front of a roll top bath. Wallpaper by Milola Design

Rialto marbled wallpaper in blue


Coral Paradise: Bring the vibrant life of the coral reef into your bathroom. A playful warm coral pink or orange paired with crisp white can create a modern yet elegant coastal style bathroom interior.

 Going Swimmingly in cream


Island Green: Think the lush greenery of a tropical island in vibrant emerald green. This unexpected colour choice breathes life and a sense of tranquillity through nature.

Green and white botantical wallpaper in bathroom by Milola Design

 Vines Wallpaper 


 A bold pink floral wallpaper in bathroom by Milola Design

Spring Forever floral wallpaper 


Other ways to use coastal wallpaper

While wallpapering the entire room may maximise the effect, wallpaper can also be used in other ways to make your bathroom look more beachy and are the perfect ways to use up any half used rolls of wallpaper.

Wallpaper the Ceiling: For an unexpected twist, consider wallpapering the ceiling.  A water like pattern to give the illusion of looking up into the sea. 

Wallpaper Small areas to add interest: A good way of using up any left over wallpaper is using it to create a feature in smaller spaces like behind open shelving, inside cupboards, or make into a room accessory such as a waste paper bin or a lampshade to add a pop of coastal charm without it dominating the room.

Photograph of a pantry with open shelves decorated with a pale blue seashell wallpaper behind. Wallpaper by Milola Designs
 Wallpapered open shelves designed by Second studio Interiors
featuring Argonaut in blue


Coral Haze lampshade in pink

A coastal or beach style bathroom wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring a touch of seaside charm and tranquillity into your home. By selecting the right colours and patterns for your desired coastal aesthetic and complementing them with fabrics and accessories, you can create a luxurious and elegant coastal bathroom. 


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