Malachite Shell Wallpaper - Pink

The most exquisite seashell wallpaper for your walls. A feminine wallpaper that will  uplevel any room with its beautiful malachite green seashell on a soft pink blush.

The green shells are based on a spectacular 18th Century copperplate study and are such a good example of the infinite beauty in the detail of nature.  This wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a bathroom, dressing room or bedroom. Adding a softly spoken and yet totally unique touch to your interior decorating scheme.

Repeat: V 17.3cm H 17.3cm

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You can purchase wallpaper rolls from one of our showrooms. If you dont have a showroom in your area, please email me at to find out about pricing.

If you make an order, then upon payment of the invoice, your wallpaper will be sent within 2 to 3 weeks from either our UK or EU factory, depending on where you are based.


I am happy to colour match or tweak elements of a wallpaper design. Other finishes are also available for specific room needs. Just email me at to discuss.


Wallpaper is sold in rolls 10 meters long.

If produced in the UK for UK and non-EU clients, rolls are 52cm wide.  If produced in our factory in Europe for European clients, rolls are 48.7cm wide.


Our wallpaper is "paste the wall" product - no decorating table necessary. For detailed hanging instructions click here.


We print to order.  All wallpaper orders are sent out within 2-3 weeks of payment from either our UK or EU factory, depending on where you are located.